Latvia Approves Proposal to Host New NATO Center of Excellence

"The Alliance should improve communication with the public"

From Sargs.LV:  On May 13 Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia approved a report on the creation of the NATO Center of Excellence for Strategic Communication in Latvia.

The discussions on the issue are due to take place in Germany and France within a month. Regional partners have already confirmed their support on the creation of Centre of Excellence in Riga. The initiative has the support of the Allied Transformation Command as well.

The government approved the proposals to continue work on the center’s creation. The preparations will include cooperation with NATO and member states’ experts to specify the center’s functions and legal status, as well as providing premises and staff for the center. 

From Ministry of Defense of Latvia:  "The Alliance should improve communication with the public regarding both its military operations and the political decisions it has made. The purpose of this COE will be to carry out analysis and research about the communication trends, to compile the knowledge and best practices of the allies to achieve common understanding and increased efficiency,” [Latvian Defense Minister Artis] Pabriks said.

The Latvian Defense Ministry pointed out that public understanding about NATO and its operations was vital for successful functioning of the alliance. The Baltic colleagues have voiced support to Latvia’s proposal during informal talks, and the Latvian defense minster hopes that other allies will also support the idea and participate in organization of Strategic Communication COE.  (photo: Baltic News Network)

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