Libya Unrest Worries Italy

Italian Defense Minister Mario MauroItaly is seriously concerned over unrest in Libya and the government’s ability to rein in local militias, Defence Minister Mario Mauro said Monday during a visit to Washington.

“We are deeply worried about the situation in Libya where the government is struggling to establish its authority over the militias that fought against the previous regime,” Mauro said at an event at Johns Hopkins University.

Mauro said his government was “deeply committed to training local security forces in Libya.”

Italy, the United States, Britain and Turkey have committed to help build up Libyan security forces to help Tripoli ensure security and control its borders.

While the Arab Spring had brought hope and “renewal,” upheaval in Libya, Egypt and Syria carried an impact on European Union countries.

“Europe enjoys domestic security but we are surrounded by conflict areas that require the international community’s attention and intervention,” he said.

Image: Italian Defense Minister Mario Mauro (photo: NATO)