Libyan conflict highlights international nature of NATO’s military leadership

Commander of Operation Unified Protector, Lt. Gen. Bouchard at Allied Joint Force Command Naples press conference, 3/31/11.

From James Stavridis, Allied Command Operations:  NATO has full responsibility for this mission and is executing it through our Joint Force Command in Naples and a Joint Task Force commanded by a Canadian 3-star general, Lt. Gen. Charlie Bouchard, an Italian 3-star Admiral [Vice Admiral Rinaldo Veri] operating out of Joint Maritime Component Command, in Naples and [US Lt. Gen. Ralph J. Jodice II] out of the Air Component Command in Izmir, Turkey.

Of the 40 generals and admirals who are in charge of this mission, only six of them come from the United States.  The rest of them come from all the other nations in NATO.  This is very much an international effort and one that I think will be very important to us in the time going forward. …

It tells us how significant and capable this alliance is, to be able to take on challenges in two very different parts [Afghanistan and Libya] of the world, two very different missions, using very different sets of forces.

Excerpts from remarks by Adm. James Stavridis, Supreme Allied Commander, Europe.  (photo: NATO Joint Force Command Naples)

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