Missile Defence Would Cost Under 200 Million Euros, NATO Chief Says

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From Deutsche Presse Agentur: It would cost NATO members less than 200 million euros (262 million dollars) over 10 years to set up an anti-missile screen capable of covering their entire territory, the alliance’s secretary general said Wednesday.

NATO states are currently debating whether the alliance should take on as part of its mission defence against missile strikes from "rogue states" such as Iran and North Korea, with some warning that it would cost too much.

"I know that many people hear the words ‘missile defence’ and see a big bill. But in fact, the cost is very manageable," Anders Fogh Rasmussen told journalists at NATO’s Brussels headquarters.

NATO nations are currently developing an anti-missile system designed to protect soldiers on the battlefield.

"The cost of expanding that system to cover not only our soldiers, but also our populations – normal citizens in our cities – is less than 200 million euros, over 10 years, spread among the 28 NATO countries," Rasmussen said. …

"My question is this: for that price … how could we not agree to build defence for all our citizens against missile attacks?" Rasmussen asked.  (photo: PressTV/Iran)

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