Mongolia Becomes the 45th Nation Contributing Troops to the NATO-Led Mission in Afghanistan

From NATO: The Mongolian Defence Minister, Luvsanvandan Bold, met with NATO’s Deputy Secretary General, Ambassador Claudio Bisogniero, at NATO Headquarters on 29 March. The meeting marked the formal recognition of the Mongolian contribution to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).

Mongolia has deployed an infantry platoon in ISAF’s Regional Command North. This contribution was formally recognised during the meeting, through the exchange of signed agreements.

"These are important agreements, not just from a legal perspective, but chiefly to mark Mongolia’s full recognition as a member of ISAF and a key contributor to the international mission," said Ambassador Bisogniero.

As a Troop Contributing Nation, Mongolia will be invited to join the informal Foreign ministerial Meeting in ISAF format which will be held in Tallinn on 23 April.

After Montenegro joined ISAF in February 2010, Mongolia becomes the 45th nation to contribute troops to the NATO-led mission in Afghanistan.  (photo: NATO)

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