Most security experts believe cyber arms race is on

Cyber and other national security priorities

From Rachel King, ZDNet:  The digital arms race is already underway, according to many global experts and their opinions included in McAfee’s global cyber defense report.

At least 57 percent of the study participants concurred with this point, while another 36 percent went so far as to argue that cyber security is more important than missile defense.

For reference, the report, conducted by the Brussels-based Security & Defense Agenda think tank, is based upon responses from 80 policymakers and cyber-security experts in government, business and academic sectors in 27 countries — not to mention anonymous surveys of more than 250 world leaders in 35 countries.

Out of the 23 nations ranked within the study, the smaller ones proved to be more prepared for cyber threats — most notably Israel, Sweden and Finland. The least prepared were found to be China, Russia, Italy and Poland.  (graphic: McAfee)

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