Mugabe calls NATO a terrorist organization

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, July, 20 2011

From Gillian Gotora, the AP:  Zimbabwe’s president of more than 30 years warned Monday that "mad people in the West" are campaigning for regime change, pointing to the ongoing civil war in Libya where rebels backed by NATO forces are trying to oust that country’s longtime leader.

President Robert Mugabe also reiterated his call for early elections to end the country’s fractious coalition government and called some of his opponents "demon-possessed sellouts" who turn to the West for help.

"Today is the day to cast out those demons," said Mugabe, who gave a fiery address during celebrations honoring the guerrilla war that swept him to power at independence in 1980.

He urged Zimbabweans to be vigilant against those campaigning for regime change in Zimbabwe and called NATO "a terrorist organization," no different from the Taliban and al-Qaida.

"Look what they are doing in Libya," he said. "The brazen way they seek to kill Gadhafi … they are deliberately throwing bombs at his family residences. Beware, this they can do in any other African country. . . ."  (photo: Reuters)

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