NATO members sign aviation security agreement with Finland

Col. Schiff from Estonia, Col. Petkevicius from Lithuania, Col. Ozolins from Latvia and Lt.Col. Mattinen from Finland.

From Allied Command Operations:  [A]fter three years of negotiations, Finland and three Baltic nations have agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding, establishing an Air Situation Data Exchange.

The agreement was signed by Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland in a short ceremony with Chief of Staff, General Manfred Lange. The agreement is significant for aviation safety and for the security cooperation between the countries. It aims to de-conflict airspace and minimise potential cross-border incidents and optimise response to renegade situations. The three Baltic nations delegated permission to sign the document to their National Military Representatives at SHAPE.

Up to now, four operational "Air Situation Data Exchange” (ASDE) connections have been implemented in accordance with the ASDE program, i.e. between Germany and Austria, Hungary and Ukraine, Turkey and Georgia and Finland, and today between Finland the three Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. All four ASDE connections have been assessed as operational and no principal problems were reported.  (photo: Allied Command Operations)

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