NATO: military ties with Russia improving steadily

Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Adm. Giampaolo di Paola and the Chief of the General Staff Gen. Nikolay Makarov.

From the AP:  NATO’s top officer says military-to-military relations between Russia and the alliance are "definitely improving."

Italian Adm. Giampaolo Di Paola, who heads the alliance’s military committee, says cooperation with Moscow is expected to deepen further in 2011 because of shared concerns over Afghanistan, and the threats posed by terrorism and maritime piracy. …

He said the Russian side had responded to NATO’s request to supply transport and helicopter gunships to the nascent Afghan air force by submitting a proposal which is now being studied by the allies. He did not elaborate on the contents of the proposal. 

From NATO:  The two day visit, on invitation of the Russian Federation, was mainly focused on discussing the implementation of NATO-Russia military-to-military cooperation in the framework of the NATO-Russia Council (NRC). …

During his lecture organised by the Centre for European Security, addressing an international audience, the Chairman stressed the increasing role of partnerships which will be reflected in the new NATO Strategic Concept, and the role that Russia could play as one of the most important strategic partners. “We take the cooperation and partnership with Russia very serious and NATO is fully committed to make this work. We have to move from the 20th Century mentality towards one adapted to the security challenges of the 21st Century”, said Admiral Di Paola.  (photo: NATO)

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