New Chief of Staff arrives at SHAPE

General Manfred Lange was Vice Chief of Staff for the German Air Force

From Allied Command Operations:  Today at SHAPE, ceremonies took place for the out-going Chief of Staff, General Karl-Heinz Lather, German Army, and the in-coming Chief of Staff, General Manfred Lange, German Air Force.

At a reception held at the SHAPE Club, Gen Lather bid farewell to colleagues, staff and friends. He then proceeded to his final office call with SACEUR Adm James Stavridis, which was also attended by Mrs Stavridis, DSACEUR Gen Sir John McColl and Lady McColl, and Mrs Lather.

After the office call, an Honour Guard Departure Ceremony for the out-going Chief of Staff, Gen Lather, took place in front of the Headquarters building.
In-coming Chief of Staff Gen Lange then arrived in front of the Headquarters building. He was greeted by an Honour Guard Welcome Ceremony, after which he attended his first office call with the SACEUR.  (photo: Allied Command Operations)

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