New Compromise May Prevent Total Dutch Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Dutch soldiers under the NATO-International Security Assistance Force at Kandahar military base on October 14, 2009

From The Labour party is prepared to talk about sending Dutch police officers to Afghanistan to help train local forces, as long as it is clear this is not a military mission, Labour leader Job Cohen told KRO tv.

The trainers can operate in areas where security is already tight but if necessary, Dutch soldiers could accompany them, Cohen is reported as saying in the Telegraaf.

"But it must be clear that we are talking about police trainers," Cohen said. …

The coalition government collapsed in February after Labour refused to back a further extension to the Dutch military mission in Afghanistan, despite strong pressure from Nato and the US.

Earlier this month, the D66 Liberal party and left-wing greens GroenLinks came up with a compromise plan to send police trainers – a move which won the backing of police chiefs.

A majority of MPs also support the idea, meaning it is now up to the caretaker cabinet to come up with a firm proposal.  (photo: Getty)

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