North Atlantic Council Visits KFOR

Belgian soldiers, returning from serving under the NATO-led Kosovo Force (KFOR)

From NATO: NATO’s senior decision-making body the North Atlantic Council (NAC) is visiting KFOR on 21 May. The representatives of NATO’s 28 member states and the Secretary General are meeting with COM KFOR LtGen Markus Bentler and the Heads of Missions Lamberto Zannier (UNMIK SRSG), Yves De Kermabon (EULEX), Werner Almhofer (OSCE) and Dimitris Moschopoulos (EU Facilitator RCH). The delegation is also meeting with Fatmir Sejdiu and Hajredin Kuçi.  (photo: Reuters)

Image: reuters%205%2021%2020%20Belgian%20soldiers,%20returning%20from%20Kosovo.jpg