Norwegian jets end role in NATO’s Libya Operation

A Norwegian F-16 jet fighter takes off from Bodoe in northern Norway to enforce no-fly zone over Libya, March 21, 2011.

From Norway News :  Norwegian F-16 fighter jets that have been assigned to the NATO operations in Libya returned home on Monday, as Norway’s direct involvement in the mission effectively comes to an end.

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that Norwegian fighters flew 596 of the 6,125 missions by NATO in total so far, dropping 542 bombs and clocking up around 2,000 hours of flight time over a four month period.

Ten Norwegian staff officers will remain involved in the operations, where they may continue working on the selection of bombing targets.

Norway originally had six F16s involved in the bombings, reducing the number to four on June 24 at the end of an initial three-month commitment period. At its height, around 120 Norwegians would have been involved in the various aspects of the mission. While the planes have returned, the crews will initially travel to Denmark for debriefings before finally coming home. . . .   (photo: Reuters)

Image: reuters%203%2021%2011%20Noerwegian%20F16.jpg