Obama: “The Burdens of this Century Cannot Fall on American Shoulders Alone.”

Barack Obama congratulates graduates at West Point

From the AP: President Barack Obama on Saturday told graduating cadets eventually headed for war that their country needs allies standing with the U.S. in Afghanistan at a time when some nations are questioning their commitment to that fight and the costs of war. …

"The burdens of this century cannot fall on American shoulders alone," the commander in chief said at the U.S. Military Academy, where in December he announced he was sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. …

America, he said, has a history of not acting alone – citing World War II and the Cold War as among more recent examples.

"We are the United States of America. We’ve repaired our union, faced down fascism and outlasted communism," he said. "We have gone through turmoil and come out stronger, and we will do so once more. …"

"There will be difficult days ahead," Obama said Saturday. "But we will adapt, we will persist and I have no doubt that together with our Afghan and international partners, we will succeed in Afghanistan."  (photo: AP)

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