Opposition Leader Seeks Clarification on Sweden’s NATO Ties

From the LocalSocial Democrat leader Mona Sahlin has demanded clarification from the government over Sweden‘s relationship to the NATO military alliance.

In an open letter to Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and Foreing Minister Carl Bildt, Sahlin claimed that "key ministers within the government are pushing different positions on Swedish cooperation with NATO."

Sahlin, together with the party’s foreign affairs spokesperson Urban Ahlin, argued that she had repeatedly sought clarification on several important issues regarding neutral Sweden’s relationship with the military alliance.

"Should we really commit ourselves to NATO’s defence obligations regarding other countries in the Baltic region? Do we really want to see Swedish JAS Gripen fighter aircraft in NATO airspace defending NATO territory?" said Mona Sahlin to news agency TT.

"The government has not been open nor given any clear confirmation. I can see a slide towards a NATO membership which I do not want to happen," she said.  (photo: AP)

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