Premature to discuss NATO peacekeepers in Karabakh conflict zone – Simmons

NATO Secretary General

From Interfax:  It is premature to discuss possible deployment of NATO peacekeepers in the Karabakh conflict zone, NATO Special Envoy for the South Caucasus and Central Asia Robert Simmons told a Wednesday press conference in Yerevan.

That will require consent of the warring parties and the OSCE Minsk Group, he said. There is no such consent right now, so it is premature to ponder the possibility, he added.

In the opinion of Simmons, the Karabakh problem must be resolved within the mediation of the OSCE Minsk Group. He declared NATO’s full support to the OSCE Minsk Group activity. …

Simmons visited Yerevan to witness NATO emergency situations drill, Armenia 2010.  (photo: Reuters)

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