Rasmussen Calls for Russian Involvement in Missile Defence Project

From the Guardian:  Russia must play a central role in plans for a missile defence system in Europe, Nato’s top official will tell a meeting of alliance foreign ministers this week.

Nato secretary general Anders Rasmussen believes that bringing Russia into the plans will help to allay its concerns about the project and contribute to further arms control measures, alliance officials say.

"Russia should be included in a missile defence system which covers Europe, the secretary general believes," Nato spokesman James Appathurai said during a visit to London. He said plans for a "new security architecture" should be "one roof which includes the Russians [who should be] part of the same security family."

Rasmussen is due to give a press conference in Brussels on Monday . He is expected to say he will tell Nato foreign ministers, meeting in the Estonian capital, Tallin, on Thursday, that missile defence should be officially embraced as a "Nato mission" but with Russia included.  (photo: Christian Charisius/Reuters)

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