From Europolitics: NATO’s Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen put forward a series of suggestions, on 25 February, for overcoming the deadlock which has long hamstrung efforts to improve cooperation between the Atlantic alliance and the European Union.  Relations have been dogged by the Turkey-Cyprus dispute, with Ankara blocking cooperation which it feels could lead to sensitive NATO information being shared with the Cypriots. "We owe it to our personnel that we improve their security by improving our cooperation," Rasmussen told a news conference after meeting with EU defence ministers in Palma de Mallorca."  I find it a bit absurd that the EU and NATO operate together in the same theatres but have not been able to conclude security agreements so we can assist each other."

He made three suggestions to the EU to reach out to Turkey in an effort to persuade Ankara to lift its objections to closer cooperation. In the first place, the EU should conclude an agreement between Turkey and the European Defence Agency; secondly the Union should draw up a security agreement with Turkey; and thirdly, the EU should give a greater say in the running of its security missions to non-member troop contributors, such as Turkey.  (photo: NATO)