Retired diplomats criticize Erdoğan’s language, foreign policy


From ZamanSeveral senior retired diplomats rebuked Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Friday for using “hollow” language and sneering at diplomats, criticizing the government’s foreign policy in a written statement.

“Foreign policy cannot be undertaken through self-contradictory, shattered initiatives to save the day, wielding foreign words in irrelevant ways and using abusive language towards diplomats,” the statement said, criticizing the prime minister.

Former Foreign Ministry undersecretaries Korkmaz Haktanır, Faruk Loğoğlu and Nüzhet Kandemir, former European Court of Human Rights justice Rıza Türmen, former Turkish Secretary-General of EU Affairs Murat Sungar, former NATO envoy Ümit Pamir and former Washington envoy Baki İlkin are among the 72 signatories to the statement.  (photo: Reuters)

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