Russia may drop NATO summit over missile defense


From Russia Today:  Russia is uncertain as to whether or not it will take part in the NATO-Russia summit in Chicago in May next year due to a deadlock in missile defense talks.

Moscow’s consent for the gathering “should not be taken as predetermined,” said Deputy Director of the Department for Security and Disarmament of the Russian Foreign Ministry Vladimir Leontyev, cites Itar-Tass. The diplomat stressed though that Russia is not closing the door on co-operation.

“Our partners should view current problems fairly and responsibly," Leontyev said. “Otherwise, Russia will have to give adequate responses as the US missile defense system is being created in Europe.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Yury Gorlach, deputy director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Department on European Cooperation, said that Moscow is waiting for “a clear political signal” from the military bloc indicating that it is ready to continue the dialogue on the matter. The official believes that there are still chances for the sides to iron out the differences.   (photo: AP)  (via @missiledefadv)

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