Russia: Transit Facility at Ulyanovsk Ready For NATO

Ulyanovsk transit center ready to receive NATO cargoes

From Interfax:  A transit centre in the Russian city of Ulyanovsk is ready to receive NATO cargoes for Afghanistan, said the Russian presidential envoy Zamir Kabulov in a statement in New York.

It is for NATO to decide when exactly it will start its cargo shipments, Kabulov said, adding that the presence of US servicemen at the Ulyanovsk centre is ruled out.

From Joshua Kucera, Bug Pit:  Kabulov added that the transit through Russia would be more expensive for NATO than through Pakistan, but it would be more reliable: "Everything gets there [via Russia], but there [through Pakistan] it doesn’t, as experience shows."  (graphic: Voice of Russia)

Image: Voice%20of%20Russia%209%2025%2012%20Ulyanovsk.jpg