Russian Ambassador Responds: Who Needs NATO?

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From Foreign Policy: Andrew Bacevich is quite right that Europeans are not happy about NATO being used as an instrument for "underwrit[ing] American globalism" (Let Europe Be Europe,’ March/April 2010). And I agree with his premise that European pacifism has taken over the organization, which evidently runs counter to U.S. military aspirations. However, he has chosen to omit some important political realities.

There’s not much point in talking about letting Europeans take responsibility for their own security at a time when U.S. nuclear weapons are still deployed in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Italy. In addition, the United States makes no secret of its plans to deploy its missile defense systems in Southeastern Europe. As residents of Odessa say to such proposals, "Don’t make my slippers laugh!"

Excerpt from message by Dmitry Rogozin, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to NATO.  (photo: Sky News)

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