Russians work with EUCOM, NATO on crisis response

EUCOM troops at Change of Command Ceremony, June 30, 2009.

John Vandiver, Stars and Stripes:  A delegation from Moscow made a rare appearance at U.S. European Command headquarters this week for three days of meetings with their U.S. and NATO counterparts to talk about coordinating logistical support in a crisis.

NATO and Russia have long been at odds on numerous key issues, such as the alliance’s plans for missile defense in Europe, but logistics is an area where the two seem to be able to work together.

“It’s easy to talk about making water,” said Col. Leon Parrott, deputy engineer at EUCOM.

Officials from EUCOM, NATO and Russia, meeting in Stuttgart on Friday, examined ways to coordinate delivery of essential supplies in a crisis, such as providing clean water to troops in the field, or civilians during a natural disaster.  (photo: David Robinson/EUCOM)

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