Russia’s envoy warns against NATO missiles in Turkey

Patriot air defense system

From RIA Novosti:  Planned deployment of Patriot air defense systems at the Turkish-Syrian border will mean NATO’s involvement in the Syrian conflict, Russia’s envoy said on Friday.

Alexander Grushko, newly-appointed envoy to NATO, said he reiterated Russia’s concerns over the deployment plan at a meeting with the NATO-Russia Council in Brussels.

“This involvement can become might accelerate and irrevocable in case of an incident or provocation,” Grushko told reporters on Friday. “Previously, the alliance officials have repeatedly said that Syria is not Libya, and NATO doesn’t have a role in the Syrian conflict,” he said, referring to last year’s multi-state military intervention in Libya. . . .

NATO officials have maintained that the missiles systems won’t not be used to establish a no-fly zone or to conduct offensive operations. But Russia criticized the intention saying that it may lead to further escalation of the conflict.  (photo: Mehdi Fedouach/AFP)

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