Russia’s response to US missile defense plans

"Washington would continue to build its missile defense system, with or without Russia"

From Anisimov Sergey and Igor Siletsky, the Voice of Russia:  Russia did set the US an ultimatum but only after years of unsuccessful talks on missile defense cooperation. Moscow warned Washington that it would not cut down its tactical nuclear arsenals before the two sides reached consensus on the missile umbrella. The Obama administration insists that the issue concerning tactical nuclear reductions should be included in the next round of disarmament talks. In its turn, Moscow requires Washington to provide legal guarantees that the US missile defense elements pose no threat to Russia. . . .

The new US ambassador to Russia [Michael McFaul] made it crystal clear that Washington would continue to build its missile defense system, with or without Russia.

Russia is currently working to produce an adequate response. The Kremlin has said that it has a plan of action and is hoping to resolve the conflict “in a simple but efficient manner. . . .”  

Director of Russia’s International Security Center Alexei Arbatov believes that Moscow has nothing to worry about as Russia’s missile defense technology is years ahead as compared to US analogues.

"Russia’s missile defense systems launched over the past decade were designed to outstrip any systems which the US would plan to create in Europe in 10 years time. Russia’s current response to the US missile defense plans is a political tactic in light of stalemated talks. In fact, it prepared this response years ago. . . ."

President Medvedev repeatedly warned the US that it would have to reach a compromise on missile defense or face a new arms race.  (photos: Voice of Russia)

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