SACEUR Commends Swiss Forces in Kosovo

Admiral James G. Stavridis meets with the Swiss Chairman of Defence LtGen Andre Blattmann

From Allied Command Operations:  Admiral James Stavridis, the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), visited Switzerland from 3 – 4 June on the invitation of the Chief of the Swiss Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Andre Blattmann.

While there he met with the Head of the Federal Department, Mr Ueli Maurer, the State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Mr Peter Maurer, and the Head of Security Policy, Ambassador Christian Catrina. …

Admiral Stavridis told Swiss officials: " My top priority during my visit here is to say thank you. The Swiss participation in key missions is superb. I am particularly pleased with the Swiss Armed Forces contribution in Kosovo where they serve extremely effectively with over 200 troops.”  (photo: ACO)

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