SACEUR Promotes NATO Partnership with Finland

Adm Stavridis addresses Finland

From Allied Command Operations: After visiting Sweden Admiral James Stavridis, the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) followed the invitation by Chief of Defence of the Finish Armed Forces, General Ari Puheloinen and visited Finland from 11 -12 May , where he also had a meeting with the President of the Republic, Mrs. Tarja Halonen. …

During his visit, Admiral Stavridis told Finnish officials and the media: ‘It is grateful for us at NATO that Finland is with us in such important missions like ISAF and KFOR. They are currently participating in Afghanistan with 150 troops and in Kosovo with nearly 250 – and they do it in a very good and effective way."  (photo: Allied Command Operations)

Image: aco%205%2013%2010%20adm%20stavridis%20with%20Finlands%20political%20and%20military%20leaders%20aa.jpg