From NATO: On behalf of NATO, I would like to express my condolences to the family of Mr. Pierre Harmel. Mr. Harmel’s career in politics was long, distinguished and influential. He helped to shape politics in Belgium and at the European level, throughout his 31 years in public life.

He also played a crucial role in shaping NATO, and Euro-Atlantic security relations more broadly; as Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs, he prepared a report titled “Future Tasks of the Alliance,” which was adopted by Alliance leaders in December 1967. The “Harmel Doctrine” advocated a strong defence combined with good diplomatic relations with the countries of the Warsaw Pact, and helped to pave the way for the East-West détente of the early 1970s. While the international security situation has changed dramatically since then, the “Harmel process” remains an example and inspiration to the Alliance as we prepare a new Strategic Concept. (photo: NATO)