Sweden’s Defense Minister sees shift in Russia’s military behavior

Swedish Minister of Defense Karin Enström

From Local (Sweden):  The revelation that Nato stepped in instead of the Swedish military during a Russian fly-by at Easter has left Swedish political commentators seething, while the defence minister has admitted a shift in Russia’s military behaviour. . . .

"We should be prepared any day of the year," parliamentary defence committee chairman [Peter] Hultqvist told TT. He said he would demand a review into the matter.

"To do a bombing exercise against Swedish targets reminds me of the Cold War. This confirms our image that Russia means business when it comes to raising its military capacity. . . ."

The defence minister, meanwhile, said the latest incident confirmed her view that Russia was beefing up.

"We see that they have stepped up their training exercises and that they act in a different way," Karin Enström told TT. "This is of course something we are keeping a close eye on. . . ."

The Swedish foreign minister, Carl Bildt, did not think the lack of a Swedish response was alarming.

"We don’t react to everything, we’re not up in the air for everything and we shouldn’t be," Bildt told TT. He does not plan to ask the Russian government for an explanation.   (photo: Swedish Government)

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