“The US has begun talks… about withdrawing its tactical nuclear weapons from Europe”

From the Guardian:  Also on the agenda [for Thursdays’ NATO Foreign Ministers meeting in Estonia] will be a call by five Nato countries for the removal of all remaining US nuclear weapons on European soil, in a move intended to spur global disarmament. Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Luxembourg have drawn up a joint declaration to influence the growing debate within Nato over the usefulness of nuclear weapons in alliance strategy.

Though official figures are not published, there are believed to be between 150 and 240 "tactical" nuclear weapons in Europe, in the form of aerial bombs. Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands have 10-20 each, but most are stockpiled at US bases in Italy (70-90) and in Turkey (50-90).

The US has begun talks behind the scenes with its Nato allies about withdrawing its tactical nuclear weapons from Europe. Those in favour of keeping them have argued that they provide political rather than military reassurance of America’s commitment to its European allies.  (photo: NATO)

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