Turkey Proposes NATO Mission to Lift Gaza Blockade

Israeli naval vessels approach the port of Ashdod.

From AFP:  A top Turkish official on Wednesday proposed a NATO naval mission to lift the Israeli blockade of the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

"NATO should send a fleet to put an end to the embargo," Turkey’s chief negotiator with the European Union, Egemen Bagis told reporters during a trip to Brussels.

"It’s just an idea," he added, stressing that he was talking in a personal capacity.

Bagis said that UN or EU forces could also verify goods destined for Gaza to allay Israel’s fears of shipments of arms and other materials which could be used against the Jewish state.

However the Turkish official said that imposing sanctions against Israel was not a solution.  (photo: Reuters)

Image: reuters%206%209%2010%20Gaza%20Israeli%20naval%20vessels.jpg