Turkish Ambassador: ‘We need a strong trans-Atlantic alliance’

Chairman of the Atlantic Council

From Namik Tan, Atlantic Council:  Turkey has been a proud ally of the U.S. and a strong and committed member of NATO.  To us, the trans-Atlantic alliance continues to be the cornerstone of our security and defense, and that of all allies.

With wars of the 20th century over, some have argued that NATO and the trans-Atlantic partnership have served their purpose.  We strongly disagree.  The trans-Atlantic alliance was never just a military arrangement.  It was a union of vision, of a common outlook anchored in shared values, a relationship built to last in the face of adversity.  Today, the international community in general, and our transatlantic alliance in particular, is confronted with major challenges.  The historic transformation that we are witnessing in the Middle East and North Africa pose some profoundly important questions.  It’s all too clear that, while a transition is taking place, the outcome of the unfolding events and the direction of these processes are far from being certain.  And there is no doubt that in this time of extreme strategic turbulence, we need a strong trans-Atlantic alliance

Excerpt from address by Turkish Ambassador to the US Namik Tan to the Atlantic Council Board of Directors

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