Update: NATO activities in Libya on April 13


From NATO :  Over the past 24 hours, NATO has conducted the following activities associated with Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR:

Air Operations
Since the beginning of the NATO operation (31 March 2011, 08.00GMT) a total of 2,191 sorties and 890 strike sorties* have been conducted.

Sorties conducted 13 April: 153
Strike sorties conducted 13 April: 58

*Strike sorties are intended to identify and engage appropriate targets, but do not necessarily deploy munitions each time.

Key Targets and Engagements**
13 April: Thirteen bunkers, one Tank and one Amoured Personnel Carrier destroyed in the vicinity of Tripoli. Three Multiple Rocket Launchers destroyed in the vicinity of Brega.

**Key Engagements are not intended to give a complete account of all targets which were engaged.  (graphic: NATO)

Image: NATO%20Unified%20Protector%20AOR%20map.jpg