US Nominates Air Force General to Lead NATO Special Operations HQ

General Marshall B. WebbAir Force Maj. Gen. Marshall B. Webb, U.S. European Command’s top special operations officer, has been nominated for a third star and an assignment as commander of NATO’s special operations headquarters.

Webb, who has been in command of Special Operations Command Europe in Stuttgart for less than a year, has been selected to head NATO special operations efforts at a time of increased concern over security on the Continent in light of the crisis in Ukraine.

The Defense Department announced on Friday that Webb had been nominated for the rank of lieutenant general and the post at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, Mons, Belgium. . . .

Webb also has held staff assignments at Headquarters Air Force Special Operations Command, at the Joint Special Operations Command and in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Image: General Marshall B. Webb (photo: USAF)