US seeking open-ended mandate for NATO Op in Libya

Meeting of the North Atlantic Council

From Laurent Thomet, AFP:  NATO’s commitment to the mission faces a key test in September when the operation’s second 90-day mandate comes to an end.

The United States is floating the idea of asking NATO ambassadors to consider an open-ended mandate this time, sources familiar with the discussions told AFP.

“This would put our procedures in tune with our message,” said a senior NATO official. “It would be logical because we say that we will stay as long as it’s necessary.”

A NATO diplomat said an indefinite mandate would be a tough sell as some nations would require parliamentary approval.

“There will be a hot debate,” the diplomat said, adding that the alliance will likely back a renewal of at least 90 days, however, because “what is at stake is the credibility of NATO, so common sense will prevail.”  (photo: NATO)

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