What Are Russian Strategic Nuclear Bombers Doing Infiltrating NATO Airspace?

F-16s Intercept Russian Bomber

From Jesus Diaz, Gizmodo:  This is really strange and nobody is talking about it: the Russians are getting their Tu-95 Bear strategic nuclear bombers deep into European airspace without permission. This video shows how two Dutch F-16 intercepted one a few days ago.

This is happening two years after Russia decided to re-deploy their Bear bombers in Cuba and Venezuela and resume their 1950-style patrols all over the world.

The Bears enter European airspace without asking for permission. In the latest case, NATO forces had to scramble interceptors to shadow them all the way from Denmark until the Dutch fighters that recorded this video intercepted them over the Netherlands.

From Defense Tech:  This apparently marked the fourth time this year that Dutch fighters have been scrambled to intercept Russian bombers. . . .

The Tu-95s were shadowed by Danish F-16s before they entered Dutch airspace and where tailed by RAF Eurofighter Typhoons upon leaving.  (photo: Defense Tech)

Image: defense%20tech%208%2025%2011%20F-16+Tu-95.jpg