Who will participate in NATO’s ‘special partners meeting’ in Chicago?

2012 NATO Summit in Chicago

The following 13 countries have been invited to NATO’s upcoming summit in Chicago to attend "an unprecedented meeting to discuss ways to further broaden and deepen NATO’s cooperation with partner nations."

1. Australia
2. Austria
3. Finland
4. Georgia
5. Japan
6. Jordan
7. Republic of Korea
8. Morocco
9. New Zealand
10. Qatar
11. Sweden
12. Switzerland
13. United Arab Emirates

Russia has also been invited attend the Chicago summit, but to participate in a separate ISAF meeting on Afghanistan. Russia is not a member of ISAF and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has complained that this is a one time only invitation, whereas Russia would like to participate regularly in ISAF meetings. Russian President Vladimir Putin will not attend the Chicago summit, so there will be no meeting of the NATO-Russia Council. Putin will also not attend the G8 meeting in Camp David, but will instead send Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in his place. Medvedev will not represent Russia at the NATO meeting in Chicago. Moscow will send a lower level diplomat as a sign of its displeasure.  (graphic: NATO)

Image: nato%205%2011%2012%20Chicago%20skyline%20logo.jpg