Atlantic Update 2/10/11


Russia and NATO discuss anti-missile defense, and French judges continue to strike in response to President Sarkozy’s criticisms.


Germany Will ‘Contribute to an Arms Race,’ Charges Opposition (Spiegel Online)

Members of the German opposition challenge the potential sale of eurofighter jets to India as contrary to German export guidelines. The guidelines from 2000 prohibit the sale of weapons to nations at imminent risk of armed conflict, arguably including India due to its nuclear status and the instability in the region.

Opposition leader: Russia has last chance to change peacefully (EurActiv)

A Russian opposition leader, Mikhail Kasyanov, calls the upcoming December parliamentary elections as the last chance for peaceful change in Russia. Warning of revolution with “pistols and sticks” if promises of modernization, an independent judiciary, tackling corruption, and defending personal freedoms are not addressed.

Egypt asks Ashton to cancel her trip (EUobserver)

Following Lady Ashton’s announced visit to Egypt, the Egyptian foreign minister asks her to postpone her visit citing a “very busy domestic agenda” and heavily loaded calendar in February.

Russia, NATO discuss anti-missile defense in Brussels (RIA Novosti)

Russia and NATO have begun talks on the creation of European anti-missile defense, with Russia hoping for a unitary joint system and NATO pushing for two separate but complimentary systems.

EU neglecting democratic reforms in Georgia, say NGOs (EUobserver)

Several NGO’s are accusing the European Union of focusing only on free trade and economic growth while neglecting the need for democratic reform in Georgia. The new “Eastern Partnership” policy is said to lack the clear benchmarks for accountability that allowed for progress under the European Neighborhood Policy.

Magistrates go on strike over Sarkozy’s ‘interference’ (France24)

French magistrates took to the streets of Nantes on Thursday in anger at President Nicolas Sarkozy, who they accuse of proposing reforms that threaten the independence of an already overworked and underfunded judiciary.

Mistral-class ships to protect Kuril Islands (RussiaToday)

Russia is going to use Mistral-class amphibious assault ships in its Pacific Fleet, including for the protection of the South Kuril Islands, a source at the Defense Ministry has said.


Turkey’s rising role in the Middle East and its foundering EU Accession: A star-crossed collision? (Today’s Zaman)

For the past few years, the dominant question asked by Western observers of Turkish foreign policy has been: Is Turkey shifting East?

Compiled with the assistance of Klee Aiken.

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