Atlantic Update 3/1/11


Germany’s Defense Minister resigns amid the plagiarism scandal, and the EU is criticized over its response to the Middle East crises.


EU adopts Libya sanctions (European Voice)

Ministers freeze assets of Muammar Qaddafi and family members, impose arms embargo.

What action, Lady Ashton? (Presseurop / Le Monde)

Catherine Ashton was cast as Europe’s international voice, the head diplomat of an EU full of world-wide ambitions. Unfortunately, she is not making her voice heard, is nearly invisible and has already lost the confidence of most of the member states.

The Downfall of Defense Minister Guttenberg (Der Spiegel)

Initially, it appeared as though German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg might survive the scandal surrounding accusations that he plagiarized large portions of his dissertation. But on Tuesday, he bowed to the growing pressure and resigned.

Diplomat chides EU support of dictators (UPI)

A former Czech diplomat has told the European parliament Europe’s defense of human rights and democratic forces in North Africa wasn’t loud enough.

EU Commissioner Stefan Fuele apologized for Europe’s history of support for dictators in the region and said the EU should be standing with pro-democracy demonstrators, the EUobserver reported Tuesday.

US and EU states consider military option against Gaddafi (EUobserver)

Fighter jets, aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean, a no-fly zone over Libya and arming the rebels are all options being weighed up by the US and its EU allies, as a defiant Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi is continuing to cling onto power and is ordering airstrikes on towns and arms depots.

Europe’s backflips over Libya (The Economist)

FOR some reason that I cannot quite explain, watching the European Union’s policymakers trying to keep up with events in the Middle East brings to mind an amateur gymnastics event.

Germany’s foreign minister, Guido Westerwelle, though a poorly regarded performer at home, pushed early and consistently for sanctions against Libya. A gold medal for his powerful run and ramrod-straight vault.


The Irish people have suffered enough. Europe should back off (The Guardian)

The new government in Dublin deserves a supportive EU, not a punitive one

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