Harnessing Pakistan’s Potential

Pakistan’s government and policymakers must do more to harness the potential of young entrepreneurs, writes Syed Azhar Shah, a fellow in the Emerging Leaders of Pakistan program of the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center.

“Already, we see a growing ecosystem of Pakistani entrepreneurs developing startups with the potential to become larger, successful entities. If this potential is channeled properly, particularly given Pakistan’s substantial youth population, the tech revolution could be a turning point for Pakistan to transform into a developed and prosperous country,” Shah writes.

However, Shah added, the “indifference of Pakistan’s leadership and policymakers” has led to this potential not being fully realized.

As a result, ambitious young Pakistanis are pessimistic about the prospects of launching a startup. “The federal and provincial governments, in their respective capacities, can do much more to promote the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem,” Shah said.

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The Emerging Leaders of Pakistan Fellowship Program seeks to empower the next generation of Pakistan’s leaders.

Image: The Pakistani city of Peshawar is a hub for technology startups. (Flickr/Shuja_555)