Polls:  Dealing with Russia, Predicting Mumbai Fallout


Our previous poll, “How should the U.S. and Europe address concerns over Russia?” drew surprisingly similar responses on both sides of the Atlantic, with solid majorities in both the U.S. and abroad preferring offering more integration in exchange for cooperation and only a third preferring a significantly harder line.

It would seem that our readers see much more value in carrots than sticks on this issue.

This week’s question is predictive rather than prescriptive: 

How will the Mumbai attacks affect India-Pakistan relations? Your choices:

  • Renewed conflict
  • Closer cooperation
  • No significant impact

The Indian government is pointing fingers at Pakistani intelligence, saying they have at the very least trained the group responsible while Pakistan’s government is at least giving the public illusion of wanting to cooperate.   Will this offer be taken seriously?  Or will domestic outrage over the attacks force India into escalation?


James Joyner is managing editor of the Atlantic Council.

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