Polls:  Gaza and Sarkozy


Our new poll asks, “Who is most to blame for the current violence in Gaza?

Is it Hamas, whose refusal to stop terrorist rocket attacks on Israeli civilians provoked the attacks? Or is it Israel, for swatting at a gnat with a sledgehammer?

Or, perhaps, do you blame both equally?  If you believe some other party — the United States, perhaps, or the UN — chose Other and elaborate in the comments. (You can, of course, comment if you picked one of the other choices.)

Our previous poll question on Nicolas Sarkozy’s term as EU president showed quite a bit of divergence between American and European respondents, with the latter far less impressed.


Sarkozy Poll


Perhaps this was a matter of differing expectations. More likely, though, it’s one of media coverage. Americans saw Sarkozy almost entirely in terms of his bold engagement with Russia in the Georgia crisis, whereas Europeans followed the more mundane, everyday actions of the EU.

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