Storify: #RenewingSpace: The Future of Human Space Exploration

Exploring space firsthand seems more elusive now than ever before with waning public interest and the termination of more than twenty NASA human space exploration programs in the last twenty-five years.

Despite these setbacks, efforts are underway to build a more sustainable space exploration program as stated by the recently released US National Research Council study assessing the goals, capabilities, and future trajectory of NASA’s endeavor. In addition, the advent of cheaper, advanced technologies and private sector innovation are leading to more globalized approaches to space exploration. Now is the time to catalyze international cooperation and reclaim our aspirations to discover the far reaches of space, our final frontier.

On September 16, the Atlantic Council gathered international thought leaders from business, academia, and government, to discuss opportunities for international and commercial collaboration to build a more sustainable space exploration program.

Below is an account of the day’s proceedings.