The planned May 25th vote proceeded with little incident. Elections for the European Parliament were held across the continent this weekend, too. These reads encompass both.

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Moscow Unlikely to Ease Up on Ukraine After Vote, Experts Say from Moscow Times

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Putin Stirred Up Donetsk, Now He’s Leaving Its People High and Dry from New Republic

European Parliament Elections

We’re watching the changing face of the European Parliament and how it will affect the crisis in Ukraine.Here’s some analysis from the weekend.

As Europe’s leaders now choose a new set of top EU officials, they should hear the ‘wake-up call’ in Sunday’s vote by Fran Burwell

The Roots and the Message of the Anti-EU Vote by Stefan Stefanini

The Euroskeptic parties now ascendant may play a ‘spoiler’ role in Brussels not unlike that of the Tea Party in Congress by Erik Brattberg