2016: The Year in Review
Here’s a look at some of our top content from 2016.

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The Challenges and Opportunities that Await President-Elect Trump

Donald J. Trump was elected the forty-fifth president of the United States on November 8. Atlantic Council analysts and board members describe the challenges and opportunities the new president will face as he takes office in January of 2017, and provide policy recommendations.”

Atlantic Council Experts 

The YPG-PKK Connection

“While the US-YPG partnership has put considerable pressure on ISIS, the PYD’s political ambitions inside Syria (matching closely with those of the PKK) pose a longer term threat to Turkish security. This threat has grown more immediate in recent months, following the collapse of a two-year-old ceasefire in July between the PKK and the Turkish government.”

– Aaron Stein, Resident Senior Fellow, Rafik Hariri Center of the Middle East

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The Russian Plot Against Europe

“Since the 2008 economic crisis, which provoked mistrust in the Western economic model, the Kremlin saw an opportunity to step up its influence operations in Europe”

– Alina Polyakova, Deputy Director, Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center 

Beating the Blob and Disentangling from Partners

“For a man of Barack Obama’s evident humanity and values, surely there has been something of transcendent importance that has stayed his hand from protecting Syrian civilians; something of paramount national security significance that has stopped him from acting in support of American friends and allies trying desperately to deal with the hemorrhage of humanity from Syria.”

– Frederic Hof, Director, Rafik Hariri Center of the Middle East

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A Frightening Flare-up on the Ethiopia/Eritrea Border, and Another Resounding Silence from Washington

“I cannot of course rule out the possibility that Eritrea may be single-handedly responsible for this latest border skirmish. But Ethiopia’s failure to offer any specific explanation of what Eritrea has actually done to provoke such a significant strike should be regarded as a red flag of blame…”

– Bronwyn E. Bruton, Deputy Director, Africa Center