Speeches and Official Announcements

US Trade Representative Froman Addresses the House Ways and Means Committee
On Wednesday, Ambassador Froman spoke to the leading US House committee on trade policy on President Obama’s trade agenda for 2013, the key role international trade plays in economic growth and job creation, and the administration’s plan to pursue a comprehensive Trade Promotion Authority bill with Congress. 


Froman: Obama ‘Ready to Engage’ with Congress on Fast Track | The Hill
It will be almost impossible for the US to conclude TTIP or the TPP without trade promotion authority (TPA), which limits the Congress’ ability to amend agreements after they’ve been signed. Ambassador Froman discusses the administration’s plans to make forward with Congress on TPA. 

Don’t Let Snowden Overshadow the Real Cyber Threat | Financial Times
While the news media has justifiably been concerned with Edward Snowden’s revelations about the extent of US surveillance, it is important to remember that China’s persistent theft of intellectual property is the bigger threat to the transatlantic economy. Therefore, the protection of IPR should be a key focus of TTIP negotiations. 

Recent Analysis

US-EU Pact Could Redefine Global Trade Standards | The Hill
John Castellani, President and CEO of PhRMA, writes that Congress is right to closely examine the potential economic gains of TTIP. However, he emphasizes they would do well to also consider ways the agreement could reinspire a global trade framework that encourages innovation while respecting the rule of law. 

Commission ‘overly optimistic’ on deadline for EU-US free trade | Public Service Europe
European Policy Center analyst Romain Pardo considers the many regulatory tasks ahead as TTIP talks proceed. If the negotiations are to also consider the eventual inclusion of third countries, the Commission’s expectation of signing the agreement by December of next year are overly optimistic. 

Bank Leverage Now in EU’s Hands | Huffington Post
My Atlantic Council colleague Dr. Chris Brummer writes that the EU must show dedication to implementing internationally-agreed upon financial regulatory rules in order to prevent a race to the regulatory bottom, especially as transatlantic trade talks begin with the debate on whether or not to include financial services at the heart of a key US-EU policy divide.

Promise of More Business and Jobs in US-EU Trade Deal | World Review
Dr. ​Emmanuel Martin of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation makes the case for TTIP in terms of the numbers of jobs created, estimated GDP growth, and emphasizes the gains to be had in per capita income across the US and EU.

The Highway of Bilateralism | El Universo
Hernán Pérez Loose highlights ways that bilateral trade agreements can stimulate a future multilateral agreements at the WTO level. Text in Spanish.