Upcoming:  NAFTA talks are continuing in Washington, DC with the negotiators hoping to reach a deal in the upcoming days.

On the US side: In the meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are in town to talk trade, Iran, and tariffs with the Trump administration. President Trump announced the Secretary Mnuchin will be traveling to China for trade talks in the near future.
On the EU side: After the European Union and Mexico reached a new trade deal (which is a revision and deepening of their former agreement) earlier this week, Britain and the European Union announced that the European Central Bank and the Bank of England will work together on how to minimize financial market turmoil in case Brexit negotiations fail.

From steel tariff exemptions expiring on May 1, to visits from both the German Chancellor and the French President, to ongoing NAFTA talks, to uncertainties regarding JCPOA renewal, to the Korean Summit, this week is a busy week. The Atlantic Council digs into these issues in the below  commentary.
From Steel Tariffs to an Awesome Trade Deal
By Frances Burwell

As tariff exemptions for the EU are set to expire on the first of May, Atlantic Council’ Frances Burwell argues this moment is of strategic importance for the EU. She claims the EU can capitalize on the Trump administration’s expectation for states to bargain for tariff extensions by launching trade negotiations. Read the full analysis here.

It’s Merkel’s Turn: Phase Two of Europe’s Tag Team Effort With Trump 
By Jörn Fleck

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is set to meet with President Trump on Friday following France’s President Macron earlier this week. Both European leaders set out to Washington with the goal of changing Trump’s mind on the JCPOA. Atlantic Council’s Joern Fleck argues “considering the list of contentious deals, deadlines, and personality differences, perhaps the best outcome on April 27 is an uneventful meeting—just the way Angela Merkel likes it.

Iran Sanctions and the Fate of the JCPOA: What’s at Stake if President Trump Fails to Renew the Sanctions Waivers? 
By David Mortlock

As the renewal of the JCPOA looms less than a month away, uncertainty remains regarding President Trump’s disposition towards renewing the agreement. If the deal is decertified and the sanctions are not waived, there could be vast consequences. Atlantic Council nonresident senior fellow David Mortlock explores exactly what is at stake if the sanctions waiver is not renewed in this issue brief.

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