Global: The final version of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) was released on Wednesday, signalling the pact was a step closer to reality even without involvement by the United States. 

Some experts argue this might have implications for Canada’s negotiating position in the NAFTA renegotiations. 
On the EU side: The European Commission released its Winter 2018 Interim Economic Forecast, confirming a solid and lasting economic expansion in Europe. The ninth round of negotiations on the EU-Mexico Global Agreement came to a close Tuesday, and although considerable progress has been made, it is unlikely that a final deal will be reached within February, as was hoped.
On the US side: President Donald Trump released his Economic Report of the President, in conjunction with the annual report of the Council of Economic advisers. Secretary Ross released the Steel and Aluminum 232 Reports in coordination with the White House late last week.
Upcoming: TPP is slated to be signed next month. The seventh (9 day!) round of Nafta negotiations is scheduled for February 26 in Mexico City. In parallel, governors of 40 US states are expected in Washington DC for their Winter Meeting- which will talk about trade, among other things. An informal meeting of EU Trade Ministers will take place on February 27. The ASEAN-EU Business Summit is scheduled for March 2 in Singapore.

Unlocking US-India Trade
 by Dr. Paula Stern 

“China would like to be (and could become) the alternative regional hegemon”.

In her recent policy brief, the Hon. Paula Stern, former chairwoman of the US international Trade Commission argues that in order to accomplish the vision of an Indo-Pacific region where democracy and open seas can flourish, bilateral cooperation between the US and India is imperative.

However, challenges remain for this relationship. An agreement that focuses just on the technical sector minimizes the risks of broader bilateral accord and opens the door for the geo-strategic cooperation that India seeks. Given the centrality and significance of IT and e-commerce to both India and the United states, the links between the two nations in these spheres would facilitate a grander coalescence with ramifications not only in trade but for  the security, defense, and stability of the region. Read the full paper and Dr. Stern’s recommendations here
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Official Release: Winter 2018 Interim Economic ForecastEuropean Commission 
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Did you know…  
… that the national US transportation research organization, TRIP, recently rated 10% of all rural bridges in the United States to be structurally deficient? Additionally, they claim that over 100,000 miles of rail lines have been abandoned. Read about the Trump administration’s plan to fix this here.

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