On the EU Side: After the end of Estonia’s term, Bulgaria has taken up the rotating six-month EU Council presidency.
More on the prospects of the new presidency here. French President Emmanuel Macron paid a historical visit to China with a strong agenda for a closer and more balanced trading relationship between China and Europe. 
On the US Side: After repeated worries and mixed reports on whether President Trump would pull out of NAFTA, an interview with President Trump in the Wall Street Journal earlier this week seems to indicate that withdrawal might be off the table- for now.
Upcoming: President Donald Trump will be attending Davos in Switzerland this year. The annual gathering is scheduled for January 23-26, with the theme “Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World”. On the sidelines of the Davos meeting, the WTO is scheduled to host a mini ministerial meeting on January 26 to discuss how to further strengthen the WTO and international trade. In other news, the India- ASEAN Summit is scheduled for January 25. Negotiators from the United States, Canada and Mexico meet in late January for the sixth and penultimate round of NAFTA renegotiation talks.
On our radar: Trade promotion authority law (TPA), passed in 2015, will expire on July 1 unless President Trump requests a three-year renewal by April 1. Congress could block a renewal by passing a resolution of disapproval before the July 1 deadline (Politico). More on the issue here.

Will Global Trade Survive 2018?

The future of the global trade system faces more risk and uncertainty than at any time since it was created after World War II. This year promises to be a decisive one for trade.” – Robert A. Manning, Atlantic Council 

In a recent Foreign Policy article, Atlantic Council expert Robert Manning outlines the current challenges trade is facing: structural hurdles, challenges posed by fast-emerging new technologies, and not least, lingering populist-nationalist, anti-globalization backlash in the West. Last year’s WTO ministerial meeting in Argentina ended indecisively on December 13. But the biggest wildcard impacting the future of trade is President Donald Trump’s sharp reversal of the historical U.S. role.

Read more on what this means for global trade, what it means specifically for trade negotiations, and how it might result in a trade war as early as in 2018. 

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Did you know…
that during the 2016 election, over 75% of rural voters within America’s farming belts voted for Donald Trump? Now, farmers are overwhelmingly voicing strong concerns about the administration’s possible break-up with NAFTA and are extending the movement to Twitter with the hashtag #farmers4NAFTA.

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January 12: Economic Growth Dialogue: The time to invest in Europe is now! European American Chamber of Commerce New York 
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February 2: Can an Internationally Competitive Tax System Protect Its Tax Base? IIEL Georgetown 

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