TRADE IN ACTION July 27, 2017

British Secretary of State for International Trade, Liam Fox, arrived in Washington this week to meet with members of the Trump administration and lay the groundwork for a US-UK post Brexit trade deal.

Also, the White House completed its selection process for the top ranks at the USTR late last week. A final decision on steel trade policy may have to wait: President Trump said his administration was first “waiting till we get everything finished up between healthcare and taxes and maybe even infrastructure”. 


Canada’s NAFTA objectives are expected to be revealed on August 14. The first round of the negotiations between the United States, Canada and Mexico will take place in Washington, DC from August 16 – 20, 2017. The European Commission is aiming to harden its stance toward Chinese takeovers of European corporations in vital sectors. The new rules are expected to be detailed at the “State of the European Union” speech in September.

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As the cost for a college education skyrocketed, the need for highly skilled workers has skyrocketed with it. Even as manufacturing employment continues its decades-long decline (having shrunk by 35.72 percent since January 1980), hundreds of thousands of jobs in the industry remain unoccupied. This has created a potentially devastating perfect storm for manufacturers in need of skilled labor. What is the proposed solution? Apprenticeships. The Trump administration has recently revealed its desire to boost the number of US apprenticeships from 505,000 to 5 million over the next 5 years. These programs will produce highly skilled workers for a fraction of the cost that would be paid for a college education.
Check out the Atlantic Council’s Global Business & Economics Program newest Econographic on apprenticeship titled

The Apprentice – Connecting Work and School.
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Did you know...

…that there is no scientific proof that chicken disinfected with chlorine can be hazardous to health? In fact, water is responsible for 99% of someone’s intake of chlorine by-products. Disagreements over poultry safety standards stem from a fundamental divide in how the US and EU have tackled food regulation. The EU operates on the basis of the precautionary principle, preferring not to permit untested methods. The US is less interventionist, only forbidding processes that do demonstrable harm. (Adam Smith Institute)

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